New data mining sample available

Those of you who read my blog likely know that our site went down again (not because I said so, but because there's a high correlation between people who read my blog and visit This time the reason was a bit more benign - in moving the box to it's new location, the hard drive shook loose and needed to be reseated.  In the process, we added a second drive and ordered some more memory so we won't have these issues anymore - or as much, at least.

Anyway to commemorate the occasion of the site's rebirth I added a new sample to our downloads section - this time a sample plug-in viewer that provides a generic method of browsing the content of any model - regardless of the algorithm.  It's a great tool for those who want to understand the content layout of the algorithms so you can write your own applications - or for those writing their own algorithms that need to debug how you are generating your content.  Also, the source code is included for those who want to create your own plug-in viewers as well.

Along the same topic, if you missed my programming webcast, Intelligent Applications: Embedding Data Mining in Your Application , it is now available on-demand.


Hope you enjoy it!  Keep on mining....


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