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You know, we have betas for a reason - to get your feedback and to help us find bugs we've missed that show up in production, or using customer's data, or using the product in ways we didn't envision here at Microsoft.  Oft times, I've run into the situation where I've found a bug too late to make it into a Community Preview drop, only to find out later that a customer already had found the bug but assumed we already knew about it, worked around it in their environment and went on their merry way. 

PLEASE (intentional shouting here) don't do this!  Unless you find it documented somewhere that an issue is a known bug, PLEASE (intentional shouting again) go ahead and file it.  We NEED (ditto) your feedback!

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, you start filing bugs here

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  1. It is sometimes hard to get myself to file bugs on Microsoft betas. It simply is not as rewarding as reporting bugs to open source projects such as Mozilla. All bugs I file with Microsoft either get closed immediately as duplicate, as designed, or something not desired as a user. On the open source side, if it is a duplicate, I get added as a contact on the other bug; I also get to see detail of how the issue is being addressed to know that it is being addressed. I would say that the openness of what is happening and making me feel a part of it draws me more to open source than to proprietary software.

    I was recently offered an internship in the SQL Server group as an SDET, so I’ll be able to get the perspective of somebody working for a higher quality from within Microsoft. We’ll see how my thoughts change.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I understand the frustration. Recently on the SQL Server team we have made many efforts to ensure that bugs filed by customers are responded to in a timely and meaningful manner. I can see some getting lost as dupes though – I’ll check in and see what we have to cover that situation.

    Thanks for the feedback

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