Windows 10 IoT Core, Raspberry Pi and UWP

I recently updated a Windows Phone 8.1 Application to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), largely so that I could target tablets and touch-based laptops (not just the phone).  This application works with specific models of Sony digital cameras and allows you to use your phone, tablet or PC to wirelessly control the camera.  To do this the camera works as a wifi access point, you connect your device to the camera's wireless access point and it exposes an API* that you invoke to do things like set the focus location, turn on the flash and crucially take photos.  The camera also sends it's current view (liveview) as a byte array to the app to display within an XAML image control.

One benefit of updating the app to UWP is that it can now run on a Raspberry Pi 2/3.  That was the theory anyway.  I'd not gotten round to deploying it yet on IoT Core and was not confident that it would work first time without any code changes, BUT IT DID!  The following annotation describes what's actually happening:


My RPi 2 is housed in an arcade cabinet with a 9" LCD display and a USB Wifi dongle in the back of it.  The RPi (with Windows 10 IoT Core) is attached to the camera's wifi AP and the UWP Sony RX Remote is running - streaming the liveview onto the 9" display.

Here's the actual photo that was taken on the camera via the app (from the RPi):

taken by camera

If you own a Sony DSC-RX100 (m3 or above), the app is available for you here.

*Camera Remote API by Sony

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