Building a physical bot using the BotFramework #FreddyTheFishBot @FutureDecoded 2016

Yesterday, at the end of my talk on the botframework with Simon Michael at FutureDecoded, I unveiled my latest BotFramework creation.  This was a fun project that showcases how you can take a bot from the digital world into the physical world using the technologies that were all covered as part of the Artificial Intelligence…


IAG QnA Maker bot

My write-up of the MS Bot Framework IAG hackfest at Skype offices is now available, read what we got up to and why here: The QnA Maker code base and technical implementation details have been written up by Toby Bradshaw here: Update 14/12/2016: The QnA Maker is now in Preview as part of Microsoft Cognitive Services:…


UK ISV FSI Cloud Resources

FSI Pod I’m currently aligned within the FSI Pod within the UK.  This pod comprises of Mike Haigh, Kevin Lief, Jason Adae, Lisa MacDonald and James Lockyer – together, we work alongside Finance Industry focused ISVs. Working in this space has led to many interesting conversations that generally follow themes, such as moving from on-premise solutions to the cloud, building new…


UWP Build error: Cannot find type System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter in module System.dll

Within VS 2015 I got the following error in a UWP project and didn’t find the error message that helpful: Cannot find type System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter in module System.dll In the error window displayed this: The output window showed this: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\WindowsXaml\v14.0\8.2\Microsoft.Windows.UI.Xaml.Common.targets(352,5): Xaml Internal Error error WMC9999: Cannot find type System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter in module System.dll. Resolution The actual error was caused…


New ARM Templates: To assist O365 Addin Development & Testing

I’ve created 2x new ARM templates to assist with the development and testing of O365 Addins. These are now available on the public Azure quickstarts github repository: As per the O365 Addin Store validation policy 4.12, your add-in must run in both version of Office (2013 and 2016): This can be an issue…


Bot Framework markdown support by channel

When developing your Bot Framework bot you want to be sure exactly how your messages are rendering on the different channels that you enable.  Plain text messages can look pretty boring, so you might decide to use markdown to create richer text messages. If you are new to markdown, have a quick read here, then…


Bot development tips

I recently caught up with David Low, Developer Advocate at Skyscanner and we reflected on the Microsoft  and Skyscanner partnership last fiscal, which covers O365 Add-ins, Universal Windows Platform and the Bot Framework.  For many developers building bots is a new paradigm, which offers unique opportunities and challenges.  We cover some development tips if you…


MS Bot Framework (C#) and Application Insights error

If you seen the below when trying to add Application Insights to your VS Bot Project: “Could not add Application Insights to project”: Then you simply need to update your Microsoft.Bot.Builder NuGet package to the latest version (currently 3.1.0): Then re-add Application Insights to the project.


MS Bot Framework: Channel testing with Ngrok

Configuring your bot for local debug development can be a bit confusing for new bot developers. Ngrok offers the ability to create a secure tunnel to your localhost environment. Here’s a quick checklist of the steps to configure your new bot with it: 1. Create a bot on MS Bot Framework 2. Run your bot…


MS Bot Framework: FormFlow build and deploy a bot with ease

Bots are hot right now, everyone wants one as they realise the business value of reaching their customers via the various conversational channels (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Office 365 mail etc..) that they are already using they to serve their needs.  Now this article isn’t going to go into depth about the different types of bots that you can develop…