Patching SharePoint: Getting Up To Date Official Style

Great news! The SharePoint team has updated their blog with the latest update info as of the August Cumulative update. In addition they have started listing the correct patches needed as well as the order of patches, to get up to date from RTM (Fresh install) SharePoint all the way to the current updates. You…


Coming Soon: More SharePoint Patching Love

I will be posting an update on patching SharePoint in a few days. This will account for updates that have come out after the infrastructure updates.


Patching SharePoint: getting up to date with the moss and wss infrastructure updates

  One of the most common topics in regards to MOSS/WSS lately has been around the question: "What patches do I need in order to be up to date with MOSS/WSS?". The following will allow you to be up to date as of the Infrastructure update with the fewest number of patches/hotfixes that need to…