CodePlex Deployment – February 20, 2007

We deployed a new version of the CodePlex software this past Tuesday. I wanted to give you a break down of the features and issues that we deployed, as well as give you a preview of some changes to the upcoming release pages that we are currently working on for the deployment on March 13th. As I mentioned in my previous blog post voting has had a huge impact on the priority of the items that we work on. For example, the feature "Ability to add a Soapbox video to home page" was created on January 8, 2007. It received a large amount of votes, 45 in fact, and we implemented and deployed it within 5 weeks. We can't promise to turn all of the work items around as quickly but the more you vote the higher the priority. In our next deployment we are working on the release pages. To give you an approximate view of the changes here is the February 20, 2007 CodePlex deployment. Note: The Comments column is something that will not be part of the deployment.

Mock-Up Of New CodePlex Release Pages (to be deployed March 13, 2007)

Total Votes: 220

Work Items

Issues (11 Votes)


Name (links to work item on CodePlex)





🙂 Any more spelling errors and I will be purchasing a dictionary for all team members




This was an oversight. I suppose all bugs are but this was truly something we intended to do but somehow did not get put into the previous release.




All issues prior to the implementation of voting have a vote count as zero.





Features (209 Votes)


Name (links to work item on CodePlex)



We have been wanting to do this for awhile. I hope this helps facilitate more 1 to 1 communication. We did implement it with appropriate safeguards. If you do not want to be contacted you do not have to provide your email.




Many people have been asking for customizations of the project home page. This feature allows you to change the graphic and replace the title with your own custom logo.


This is the beginning of work that we will be doing for individual profiles, keep your suggestions coming.


Believe it or not we used to have this feature. You might ask why it was removed. I removed it as a requirement when we built the new Advanced View. Its back and I probably won't take it out again.




We did this explicitly on the page and it also works with right-click behavior.


This is a duplicate of work item #3096





Comments (3)

  1. jamesnewkirk says:

    You’ll have trust me the release pages look much better than the way the work items are rendered on this page.

  2. As Jim has already reported , votes had a huge impact on the work we did in our recent February 20th

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