How to make sense of Code Coverage metrics

(co-authored with Brad Wilson) Even since the release of Visual Studio Team System 2005 with easy to use code coverage tools, people inside (and outside) of Microsoft have been talking about what it means. The most common approach we’ve seen is for a team leader to mandate a minimum code coverage number (like “all code…


CodePlex Deployment – February 20, 2007

We deployed a new version of the CodePlex software this past Tuesday. I wanted to give you a break down of the features and issues that we deployed, as well as give you a preview of some changes to the upcoming release pages that we are currently working on for the deployment on March 13th….


CodePlex Deployment – January 30, 2007

We deployed a new version of CodePlex last week on Tuesday, January 30th. Some of the features/issues that we deployed include the following: Forums/Discussions (56 votes) – The theme (more on this in a separate blog post) for this release was to provide an update to the forums, which have been renamed discussions. This included the…