My Car was in for Patching (I mean service)

I was having a problem with my car last week and I took it into the dealership because it is still under warranty. The problem I was having was the radio worked intermittently. I figured that there was something wrong with the radio. Wrong! I received a call from the dealership at the end of…


Scott Densmore joins the CodePlex team

I am very happy to announce (although Brad and Scott blogged about it last week – what can I say I am slow) that Scott has joined the CodePlex team. I had the pleasure of working with Scott when both of us worked in the patterns & practices team.  He has already hit the ground running.  …


IEEE Software Special Issue on Test-Driven Development

There will be a special issue of IEEE Software focusing on Test-Driven Development. The submission deadline is December 1, 2006. Clieck here for details.