CodePlex – New Project Creation

Since we went live 2 weeks ago we have received over 100 new project creation requests. The vast majority of these requests are really great projects and we would be thrilled to host the projects. However, we are still in beta and I would ask for your patience during this period. Here is the text from the “New Project Creation” page on the web-site.

During the CodePlex Beta phase, project space is limited as we scale up slowly to ensure high reliability and availability for our users. As a result, we will allow new projects to be created incrementally. To request the creation of a new project on CodePlex, send an e-mail to the CodePlex project coordinator at Your request will be reviewed, and the project coordinator will follow up with the next steps.

In future versions of CodePlex, users will have the freedom to create projects as they choose. Contacting the CodePlex project administrator will no longer be necessary.

We will be creating new projects incrementally in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again for your patience.

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