PDC05 Sessions

I will be in Los Angeles next week (September 13-16, 2005).

On Wednesday (September 14) and Thursday (September 15) I will be in the Product Pavilion at the GotDotNet station. I don't have specific times in which I will be there but if you let me know a time I will be sure to be there. If you get a chance I would like to hear about what features you feel are important in the next version of the GotDotNet workspaces and as always, I like to talk to people about their experiences and challenges doing Test-Driven Development.

On Friday (September 16) at 10:30 AM, I'll be participating in a panel discussion entitled "Advances in Agile Development". The people participating on the panel include: Randy Miller, Peter Provost, Donald Reifer, Don Reinertsen, Clemens Szyperski, and Kumar Vadaparty. I hope we will have a lively discussion and debate. One way for you to help out is to ask questions.  If you are planning on attending please get involved by asking questions. If you cannot make it please post questions as a comment below and we'll add them to the questions from the audience. If you ask a question I will post a summary of the answers.

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  1. PierG says:

    I’d really love to listen to a podcast of this discussion. Any plan to do it??



  2. jamesnewkirk says:

    I am not sure if they are planning some form of recording of the panel discussion. I will look into it and post a comment when I know more.


  3. I really enjoyed today’s discussion. There were some great questions from the audience, and the panel’s perspective was highly valuable.

    What we didn’t hear much about – and for whatever reason, I was expecting to – was how MSF Agile fits into the picture. Have you had any opportunity to see MSF Agile in action and if so, could you comment on its merits over other approaches, say, XP or Scrum?


  4. I was surprised at the big turnout for the Advances in Agile Development PDC session today. I was also…

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