Get a PLK or SLK without logging into

We know deploying your VS package can be a pain and there are often a lot of pain with getting a PLK. Now getting a PLK is a lot easier with the page we have launched here.


VS Gallery Gets New Features!

I was just going around and talking about the VS Gallery on our European Tour, and on last Friday, we have added several new features. Since Anthony did such a great job in summarizing the new features, let me quote him here: — Start of Quote — Today we release a new set of needed…


Stop 6 (Final Stop): Budapest, Hungary

On Thursday, we had our last VSX European Tour event at the Microsoft office in Budapest. It was wasn’t just a talk for a user group this time. It was a half day event focused specifically on VSX. Sandor Nacsa from the Budapest office helped us set up the event. We had the pleasure of…


Stop 5: Prague, Czech Republic

Our European Tour has brought us to Prague on Monday. This was the first time for me to visit Prague and I was completely blown away by the beauty of this city. I thought Paris was beautiful; Prague is even more beautiful (to me anyway)! In the afternoon, we met with 5 Developer Evangelists from…


Stop 4: Zurich, Switzerland

With the help of Rolf and Susan who organized the event, Jean-Marc and I presented to a user group in Zurich yesterday evening in a 3 hour session. We were somewhat disappointed at the low attendance – we only had about 20 people. But the audience was very engaged, so quality made up for the…


Stop 3: Munich, Germany

We are in Deutschland now and we visited the Microsoft Technology Center at Munich yesterday. It was a very nice set of buildings, and the meeting rooms are much more impressive than building 41 back in Redmond. They have multiple projectors and multiple LCD screens in the meeting room. Fancy.   A picture of MTC…


Update from Brussels

You may have already seen my post about out session at Brussels. Sven Cipido from Ordina has just sent me some more pictures taken during our Brussels section, so I wanted to post them here. Jean-Marc and I in Ordina’s office for   See his entire photo collection of this event here.


Stop 2: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bikes, lots of bikes. And trams too. Then there are also motorcycles, scooters, and cars. You better watch where you are walking while you are in Amsterdam! That was my first impression of this spectacularly amazing and energetic city! Jean-Marc and I arrived in Amsterdam to speak at DevDays. We spent a lot of time…


Stop 1: Brussels, Belgium

Yesterday in Brussels, we made our first of a series of presentations in our European tour. I met up with Jean-Marc in the morning at the Microsoft office in Brussels. We ran through our preparation work one more time to make sure we have everything ready. At noon, our host Katrien from DPE took us…


VS 2008 SDK 1.1 Beta & European Tour Kickoff!

Earlier today, we shipped the matching VS 2008 SDK for VS 2008 Sp1 Beta. We are calling this VS 2008 SDK 1.1 Beta, and it is available for download immediately here. Today, Jean-Marc and I are also kicking off the VSX European Tour in Brussels, Belgium! Over the next 3 weeks, we will be traveling…