Link to HelpStudio Lite

With the most recent release of the VS 2008 SDK, HelpStudio Lite is no longer included in the SDK download. But it is still the tool we encourage you to use for help documentation authoring and you can easily download it directly from Innovasys. I was doing a search on the download link just to see…


DevTeach in Vancouver, BC this week

It’s been a weird month for me. I counted that I have only been in the office for 5 days in November! I have spent 1 week in Barcelona for TechEd, 1 week of vacation, short Thanksgiving week and 1 week in Vancouver for DevTeach. We are at DevTeach in Vancouver, BC this week. Ken…


VS 2008 SDK and VS Shell runtimes available!

We are finally here! Following right on the heels of the VS 2008 release announcement yesterday, we are now announcing the availability of the VS 2008 SDK 1.0 release and the VS Shell (integrated mode) and the VS Shell (isolated mode) runtimes. It’s really great to get these releases out the door to VSIP partners…


Great News for VS Extenders and VSIP Partners!

What a great week for the VSX community! This week, we made several major announcements that will greatly benefit the VSX community. In a nutshell, here are the major announcements that were made: In response to customers’ requests, we are removing the license restrictions with Visual Studio and Visual Studio SDK to enable the use…


Barcelona, here we come!

We put on a good show last week at the VSIP Summit & Developer Conference. We had lots of attendees, lots of sessions, and lots of good food 🙂 We are wrapping up both the VS 2008 SDK on our team, and working with the rest of the Division to wrap up VS 2008 as…


Help with creating your first environment based on VS 2008 Shell (isolated mode)

We know that it is a little difficult to use the VS 2008 SDK Aug. CTP to create your first environment based on the Shell. We are working to improve the development experience right now before we ship the final product before the end of this year. Right now, you can refer to this magazine…


Upcoming VSX Events

I can’t believe it’s almost October, and our team is working on so many things right now. First, we are trying to wrap up the platform components that we own in the VS 2008 product, including the VS Shell redistributable pack pieces. It’s actually a very exciting time for the Division right now as we…


VB Pack for VS 2005 SDK 4.0

In case you didn’t see our announcement on the team blog, we have just posted the VB Pack for VS 2005 SDK 4.0 last Friday. With this add-on to the VS 2005 SDK, you will now be able to develop your own VS Packages in Visual Basic. We have also converted almost all the managed…


VS 2008 SDK August CTP released!

Our team just released the VS 2008 SDK August CTP late yesterday. This is very similar to the July CTP that we posted a week ago, but with some very small, targeted bug fixes that address two of the three key issues I brought up in my previous post in regards to VS Shell development….


How to build a package for VS Shell

I said I would follow up with a post on how to build a VS Package that targets the VS Shell, so here it is.  Creating a VSPackage for the isolated Shell is a little different than the other two scenarios because you will also need to create your own stub .exe, and VSPackages need to be…