VS Gallery Gets New Features!

I was just going around and talking about the VS Gallery on our European Tour, and on last Friday, we have added several new features.

Since Anthony did such a great job in summarizing the new features, let me quote him here:

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Today we release a new set of needed features that will improve the community appeal of the Visual studio Gallery. 

· Users can now contribute their own ratings on the quality extensions they’ve tried

· Visitors can optionally provide a detailed review about the extensions.

· We’ve added a Review Tab were visitors can sort through the various reviews on an extension

· The “Was this review helpful” lets other browsers sort credible reviews from the rest

· Authors of an extension now get aggregate information about the ratings of their extension

· Last we jazzed up the category & search results page giving a better summary of the matching extensions

We have a number of additional features coming online to give users more access to information on the Visual Studio Gallery.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding:

· Author contributed Tags for extensions

· RSS Feeds for each category

· Tag based RSS feeds

· Improvements to the new Categories list page

· Improved Submission form

— End of Quote —

We are committed to continuing to make VS Gallery the one-stop shop for all your VS extensions needs, and we are excited to bring you these new features!

– James

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  1. I just wanted to give you a heads up of some updates we’ve made to the Visual Studio Gallery (www.visualstudiogallery.com) to support RSS feeds, Tagging, HTML editor for details pages and other new features.