Ken Levy is joining our team!

A while back, we told you that Community is a big focus for our team these days. We were serious about that and since that post, we have already done a number of things to help our community become stronger:

  • Shipped the VS SDK 4.0, which contains a much better out-of-box experience, including the VS SDK Browser.

  • Shipped the first trail of the QuickStart Tutorials to help developers new to VS Extensibility quickly ramp up.

  • Started several VS Extensions projects on CodePlex.

  • Added new videos related to VS Extensibility.

Today, I am excited to announce that Ken Levy has just joined our team this week to focus on our Developer Community in the VS Tools Ecosystem. Ken has come from Windows Live where he worked on ramping up the Windows Live Developer Community there. He has a ton of Community experience from that role and also from a previous role with the FoxPro team. He will be playing a critical role in building a strong community around VS Extensibility.

Check out Ken's blog entry about his new position on our team with some additional details about himself and his past. You will be hearing a lot from Ken in the coming months and I hope some of them will even get to meet him at future conferences!



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  1. dimaka says:

    Good news! The strong community around VS Extensibility – that is the thing I’d love to.

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