Visual Studio Extensibility Demystified

My friend Dr. eX just posted a nice blog about the various options for Visual Studio extensibility. It clearly explains what your extensibility options are and which one would be the most suitable for you.  If you are new to the Visual Studio Extensibility platform, definitely check it out!


VS SDK Browser – Getting your feedback early

We said we want to be open and transparent about what we are working on and we mean it. One of the work items we have for VS SDK 4.0 is to build a VS SDK Browser in the SDK. We are sharing our thinking with you at this point and we want your feedback….


SlickEdit Gadgets for VS 2005

The folks over at SlickEdit has just released a set of cool tools for Visual Studio 2005. They call them “Gadgets”, but they are what we would call Power Toys. The set of Gadgets include the following: Editor Gadgets – a collection of utilities to dazzle up the Visual Studio editor experience. One of the…