Wii Damage

The Wii is just cool - I have a lot of friends asking me if I can get them a discount on it and I have to explain to them that it's not a Microsoft product.  But it clearly appeals to a whole new group of people - these are generally folks that have never talked to me about getting Microsoft products. 


But there are risks... (in addition to that you might even get some exercise ).


While I have almost no interest in getting a PS3, I really do think I might enjoy a Wii.  And I'm not alone. [update: fixed link]

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  1. tzagotta says:

    One word: Photoshop.

  2. Yeah, the image I used here is definitely photoshop (it doesn’t even try to look legit), but I wasn’t so sure about the ones on the site.

    Still… maybe – but I’m sure a few Wiimotes *have* gone flying. 🙂

  3. szurgot says:

    Watching my son try to play bowling, if he ever let go of the Wiimote during a throw, it would probably knock the TV over, not just break the screen. It gives me nightmares. <grin>

  4. @Nathan – thanks for catching that.  Link should be fixed now.

  5. Max says:

    My Wii Broke My TV Screen!

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