Screencast: Video of a few Guided Help Topics running.

So Andrew, went through and put together a screencast of a few of the Guided Help topics in action.  If you look carefully you can even see a few stupid ACW tricks - maybe I'll do a stupid ACW tricks screencast at some point.  Anyway, I've included the soapbox version, but I'll probably try to also put up the full wmv because soapbox doesn't allow us the resolution that we'd like. 

Video: Selected Guided Help Topics

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  1. longwood12345 says:

    My email is

    I can’t post to the MSDN forums because the site has so many problems.

    Can you please explain to me why the program below doesn’t work?

    The program compiles fine, but I get “WINVER not defined. Defaulting to 0x0502 (Windows Server 2003)” during the compile.

    I am using MS Visual Studio Prof 2005.

    Thank you.

    #include “stdafx.h”

    #include <afxinet.h>

    int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])


    //assumes server, port, and URL names have been initialized

    CInternetSession session(“My Session”);

    CHttpConnection* pServer = NULL;

    CHttpFile* pFile = NULL;

    DWORD dwRet;

    char szBuff[1024];



      CString strServerName = “”;

      INTERNET_PORT nPort = 80;

      pServer = session.GetHttpConnection(strServerName, nPort);

      pFile = pServer->OpenRequest(CHttpConnection::HTTP_VERB_GET, “My Object”); //strObject);

      pFile->AddRequestHeaders(NULL); // szHeaders);



      if (dwRet == HTTP_STATUS_OK)


      UINT nRead = pFile->Read(szBuff, 1023);

      while (nRead > 0)


      printf(“%dn”, nRead);

      printf(“%sn”, szBuff);

      //read file…


      printf(“got heren”);



      printf(“dwRed = %dn”, dwRet);

      delete pFile;

      delete pServer;


    catch (CInternetException* pEx)


      //catch errors from WinInet



    return 0;


  2. Ok, well the reason is that OpenRequest’s object parameter is the path part of the URL.  For the root of a web site, that would be "/" where you have "My Object".  However, before kicking off that change, I’d fix the loop that prints stuff out or you’ll be in an infinite loop.

    Check out  InternetCrackUrl or CUrl for ways to get the path portion of a URL you may be interested in getting.

    Set WINVER in stdafx.h to be 0x501 for XP and above; searching for WINVER can tell you the other values in case XP and above isn’t what you’re aiming for with this code.

    I’d prefer that you use the contact form though and I’ll make a separate entry or answer privately.



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