Job posted: Windows Workflow Foundation Evangelist

The Windows Workflow Foundation Evangelist position has now been posted to the site here.   The job description outlines the responsibilities and qualifications for this role.  Interested?  Please contact me through this blog.


Now hiring – Windows Workflow Foundation Evangelist

Did you see the sessions at the PDC? Did you read the “Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation” book?  Have you downloaded the samples from MSDN and   How would you like to be involved in releasing a technology that will be available as a Windows (WinFx) component, will be used by millions of developers, and will affect millions…


New Channel9 Video: Windows Workflow Foundation Team Tour

Last month Robert Scoble and I walked the halls of building 1 and met with several of the Windows Workflow Foundation team members.  The resulting video is now live on Channel 9 here.  The following team members appeared in the video (in order of appearance): James Conard, Evangelist Bill Devlin, Group Program Manager Dennis Pilarinos,…


2 new Windows Workflow Foundation screencasts

I recorded two Windows Workflow Foundation screencasts that are now live on Channel9.   You can view the screencasts and download the code now. The first screencast is a simple “Hello Workflow” example that gives you a tour of the Windows Workflow Foundation designer and Visual Studio 2005 extensions while showing the core technology concepts.   The…


Workflow + Services: WWF & WCF

Last week I gave a webcast on Workflow & Services.  The official title was “Workflow, Messaging, and Services: Developing Distributed Applications with Workflows,” although  I focused most of the presentation on how youl could use Windows Workflow Foundation with Windows Communication Foundation (aka “Indigo”).  I showed some prototype activities for WCF that allow you to send…


Windows Workflow team is looking for SDEs

I had a good chat with Dharma yesterday about the challenges finding good developers.  If you know anyone that’s looking for a development position working on the coolest technology in WinFx (no I’m not biased :), then check out Dharma’s blog entry.      


Why Workflow? Why Windows Workflow Foundation? And what are the scenarios?

One of the most common questions I get from developers after talking about Windows Workflow Foundation is Why?  Why use workflow rather than code?   What are the benefits of Windows Workflow Foundation?  What are the scenarios it addresses?   Dennis Pilarinos and Dharma Shukla put together a presentation script where they explain the value of the…


Please Aditya…show us the cool stuff in the Workflow Designer Framework!

I just noticed that Aditya Bhandarkar started his blog.  Aditya is a a developer on the Windows Workflow Foundation team that works on the only visual aspect of the technology – the designers!  There are a lot of very cool things you can do with the Windows Workflow Foundation designers, like rehost them in a custom…


Installing Windows Workflow Foundation

Several people in the Windows Workflow Foundation Forum have been running into various installation issues with Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1.   So the install steps here on the community site.  One of the most common issues people have been running into is that they are using the wrong version of Visual Studio 2005.  Windows…


Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation #1 book in Computers category on!

The “Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation” book is currently the #1 in the Computers category on  I’m sure it won’t last long, but I’m enjoying the moment.  [;)]  THANK YOU for your interest in this technology and the book!!!    If you have a copy of the book either because you attended the PDC and received…