Image or ImageButton without ImageUrl Causes HTTP GET for Default Document

I recently worked an issue with a customer who was seeing an error in his application due to a null reference. The error was perplexing because the object that was null was populated on the logon page of the application, but the error was occurring after the user logged in. The object should certainly not…


Sessions and Classes

Any programmer knows that logic errors are among the most difficult to troubleshoot. I was recently working with a developer who was encountering an obscure logic bug concerning session variables, and the case raised an interesting (and important) point regarding ASP.NET session state. Consider the following code in page1.aspx. public partial class Page1 : System.Web.UI.Page…


Windows Home Server Data Corruption Fix

Windows Home Server is a great product, but it’s been plagued by an infamous bug known as the Data Corruption Bug. Yesterday, the Windows Home Server team released a public beta of Power Pack 1. In addition to some new features and enhancements, Power Pack 1 also fixes the data corruption bug. I’ve been involved…


Third Party ASP.NET Controls and Visual Studio 2008

We’ve had a few cases recently where customers are using third-party ASP.NET server controls (either written by a third-party company or by the customer) and finding that the controls are not rendering correctly in the Visual Studio 2008 design surface. Most recently, we had an issue where a popular third-party control company’s custom property editor…


Error When Opening ASP.NET Site on IIS 7 Using Visual Studio 2005

Now that Windows Server 2008 is out the door, we’re starting to see more customers using IIS 7. I recently worked on a case where one of our engineers was dealing with a customer using Visual Studio 2005 and IIS 7. He was encountering an error message when attempting to open his ASP.NET 2.0 application…


Hotfix Rollup for Visual Studio / Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008

We recently released a hotfix rollup that fixes numerous issues in Visual Web Developer 2008, both the Visual Studio release and the Express edition. News of this rollup has circulated through many blogs and websites, but we’re still seeing a fair number of people who are unaware of it. The rollup can be downloaded from…


The Power of !dumpmodule

Scenario: My customer is experiencing a hang and I see many threads with an identical stack. I also see that the customer has one thread that is running a component that is an OCX. What I want to find out is whether that component is referenced in the page that is executing on these numerous…


Cool Things You Can Do with AppCMD in IIS 7

If you haven’t had a chance yet to mess around with IIS 7, you should take the time. One of the changes that will impact everyone is configuration. Not only have we changed where configuration settings are stored, but we’ve also released a very cool command-line tool for examining and changing configuration called appcmd.exe. However,…


Update on Slow Startup Fix

A while back, I wrote a post regarding slow startup of ASP.NET 2.0 applications due to a lookup on a bad account. The hotfix for that issue is now available. The KB number is 944157. You can get the fix by calling PSS or by using our online automated system. Jim