Publishing InfoPath Forms: "The following URL is not valid:…"

I got the above error when trying to publish an InfoPath form. In my case the “problem” was that I had no SharePoint site at the root of the URL – i.e. I only had sites under the /sites/ folder. Smells like a bug to me… and an ugly one at that. I created a…


More Kerberos in SharePoint: The lifetime of a Kerberos ticket

I had a great follow-up question from my last post on Kerberos in SharePoint: “We are using Kerberos for our MOSS based server and there is one page which renders a list based on the current user’s membership groups. The issue is that once the user is removed from the group, he should not see…


Essential Tips On Kerberos for SharePoint Deployers

Hi, This definitely isn’t the first blog post on this topic, and it certainly won’t be the last – but hopefully it will bring some peace and understanding to those struggling to get Kerberos working in a live SharePoint deployment. First off, I must credit Martin Kearn’s excellent posts here that were invaluable in getting me…


Passing variable numbers of parameters to sprocs using XML

Passing a variable number of parameters to a stored procedure is a problem that’s been around and solved for a while – in fact there’s a good article on several approaches for passing parameters in a comma-delimited string here:   Today I’d like to talk about an alternative approach made possible in SQL Server…


Book Review: Essential Windows Workflow Foundation

I’ve been working with Windows Workflow Foundation for over a year – and was lucky enough to implement a project that ended up being the first world-wide enterprise system in production based on Windows Workflow. At the time, I struggled to understand the concepts behind workflow before documentation was publicly available. Even now that the…


System.Transactions Article

System.Transactions in .NET 2.0 provide a fantastic way to manage your transactions in .NET without having to resort to messy code that tracks and passes SqlTransaction objects around. Best of all is it supports lightweight transactions. So as long as your database does as well (SQL 2005 does, SQL 2000 doesn’t) then you won’t have…


Read the chapter on Generics from Essential C#

Mark Michaelis is bringing out a new book called “Essential C#”. There is a great chapter on generics which you can read here. Enjoy!


DataContractSerializer: A better XMLSerializer

XMLSerializer provides a simple means of serializing and deserializing object graphs to and from XML. However, simplicity brings a price, and there are limitations that I have seen people come up against. The most common of these is that XMLSerializer will only work on public properties and needs setters to be able to deserialized, and this…


Book Review: Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: T-SQL Querying

This book is destined to become a classic. Benefiting from the main author’s close relationship with the product team, this text provides a distilled insight into the machinations of SQL Server that are hard to garner from elsewhere. Managing to be both a reference text and a step-by-step tutorial, this book will furnish you with…