software tester wanted

Position requires comparing an insanely complicated, poorly documented product to a nonexistent or woefully incomplete specification. Help from original developers will be minimal and given grudgingly. Product will be used in environments that vary widely with multiple users, multiple platforms, multiple languages and other such impossibilities yet unknown but just as important. Performance, security and…


the poetry of testing

God Save the Queen! (A curious statement … from my American point of view.  But given what history has recorded of certain of England’s Kings I’ll grant the gender bias. Anyway, Save Her all the same as she presides over a country of such glorious breweries!) If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m visiting England….


users and johns

Does anyone out there know who was the origin of the insight that the software industry and the illegal drug trade both call their customers users? Brian Marick was the person I stole it from but as far as I know he doesn’t claim it. Anyway, it’s an interesting insight. There are so many sweet…