tour of the month: the exit-stage-right tour

All tours much eventually come to an end and thus it is with my tour with Microsoft. I have resigned my position and am leaving the company. It was a great ride.

But the tours will continue. My book Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours and Techniques to Guide Manual Testers is in press and will appear through Addison-Wesley sometime this summer. I am truly thankful for the many wonderful testers at Microsoft who contributed wisdom, thoughts and even case studies to the effort. Special thanks go to Nicole Haugen, Geoff Staneff, David Gorena Elizondo, Shawn Brown and Bola Agbonile. Microsoft is full of great testers and even here, these guys manage to stand out.

I imagine that I will not be long in setting up a new blog as I have very much enjoyed this experience and being the only tester in Developer Division's top ten bloggers was quite an honor. For that I thank you.

In case you are interested in my landing place, I can imagine that one or two of the more popular testing blogs around town will be talking about it.

Wish me luck ...


Comments (14)

  1. Philk says:

    Good luck – and make sure you carry on with the blogging

  2. alan_myrvold says:

    Good luck.  It was fun while you were here.

  3. Eric Bidstrup says:

    Best of luck James, will look for your new blog…

  4. ecp says:

    Hey James, If you continue in the Florida across to Washington State direction, does that mean the next hop is across to Japan or Australia?  Choose Oz, mate, and join us drinking some of the world’s best ale (by our standards at least!)

    best of luck with your next move, or will it be the Grand Tour…..?


    Erik Petersen

    Melbourne, Australia (not Florida)

  5. jstevens2007 says:

    Hey James I’ve never meet you but heard a lot about your work and testing techniques and think it would be great if you swung back around to Florida Tech but regardless of your decision best of luck.

  6. strazzerj says:

    Good luck.

    Please make sure you let the general QA and Testing community know where you land, blog-wise.


  7. It’s been a busier than normal for me at Microville recently. My friend (and frequent soccer match viewing

  8. boulderdash says:

    Best of luck in your future journeys James!

  9. ecp says:

    Not so much stage right as down south…  Jim’s landing place is Mountain View

    Erik Petersen

  10. tarnnum_gupta says:

    Eagerly waiting for your book. Please continue with blogging…its a kind of motivation for us (Learners). 😉

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