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I am doing another webinar on March 31 which will be hosted by uTest. This is the second webinar I have done for them and I quite enjoyed the first. I have a lot of new material that I have created (and am still creating) for this one which I've called "5 Insights to Revolutionize Your QA." 

The link to register is Note the use of the words 'sucks' in the blurb. I love it when I get marketing people to say sucks...

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  1. IQDave says:


      nice webinar. I’m the one that asked the paradigm question today. I started testing software (professionally) dealing almost solely with rigid scripts and spent more time correcting them than catching bugs (most of the testing at the time was for regressions). Over time I progressed while discovering and learning new techniques, attitude, and developing a love for learning new ways to determine information about the systems I was testing.

      I really liked what you had to say about manual testing for User Experience code and think that getting testers to think about what is going on in the system is crucial. I like the tours concept. It sounds familiar (perhaps James Bach wrote about something like that in an article) but I like the way that it presents a concept that conveys the heart of what is going on.

      Being educated as an Electrical Engineer, with a love for digital design, I tended to get stuck in analytical mode or the Quality school of things. It has helped me to learn the different schools, different concepts and take the tools and apply them in Context. Thanks again for an interesting webinar. I plan on keeping up with your blog and learning about your favorite tours.

      Here’s one of my favorite perspectives for usability – The New User tour

    Assume you know nothing about the software you are testing (shelve the specs, design review, etc.) and try to see if you can figure out how to use the software like you (the user) think it should work. What you discover may not be a "bug", but will likely lead you to make suggestions that will improve future iterations of the build, it’s help files, documentation, or aesthetics (can’t think of the word where the use of the tool is conveyed by its action like lighting up buttons with a mouse over).

      Along those lines. Great ideas in your video about showing the information (field length, data types, etc.)in balloons while hovering (maybe even right click)over fields! I would love to see something like that.

    Dave Fetherston

  2. pberry says:

    I just missed out on this. Any chance of making a recording or transcript available, please?

  3. katoo says:

    James, thank you for the webinar. Unfortunately watched it offline but really enjoyed. Hope this is not to be the last one 😉

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