tour of the month: the exit-stage-right tour

All tours much eventually come to an end and thus it is with my tour with Microsoft. I have resigned my position and am leaving the company. It was a great ride. But the tours will continue. My book Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours and Techniques to Guide Manual Testers is in press and…


tour of the month: the landmark tour

Every location that covets tourists must have some good reasons for them to come. For Las Vegas it’s the casinos and the strip, for Amsterdam it’s the coffee shops and red light district, for Egypt it’s the pyramids. Take these landmarks away and the place is no longer an attraction. Software is much the same…


testing sucks

Bet that got your attention. It’s true, but let me qualify it: Running test cases over and over in the hope that bugs will manifest sucks. It’s boring, uncreative work and since half the world thinks that is all testing is about, it is no great wonder few people covet testing positions. Testing is either…


live webinar next week

I am doing another webinar on March 31 which will be hosted by uTest. This is the second webinar I have done for them and I quite enjoyed the first. I have a lot of new material that I have created (and am still creating) for this one which I’ve called “5 Insights to Revolutionize Your QA.” …


tour of the month: the intellectual’s tour

As promised, here is the first tour on the tour-of-the-month parade. It’s probably not the best place to start, but it’s finding so many good bugs for so many testers around the company that I wanted to get it in the hands of others sooner rather than later where it might make more logistical sense….


links you’ve been asking for

I’ve gotten enough requests for links to my interviews, lectures and pointless videos that I am finally tired of responding individually. Here are a few recent ones I have been pointing people to: A video interview on Channel 9 about software testing A video interview on Channel 9 about Visual Studio Team System A radio…


the touring test

(I couldn’t resist the play on Alan Turing’s famous test when naming this testing metaphor.) When I think of software, I naturally think of it in testing terms. In my mind software is made up of components which are defined by structural boundaries (code files/assemblies) where multiple components communicate through some defined interface, a set…


of moles and tainted peanuts

There was a full page ad for Jif peanut butter in my morning paper that caught my attention. (For those non-US readers, our nation is experiencing a salmonella bacteria outbreak which has been traced back to contaminated peanuts.) The ad touted Jif’s rigorous testing processes and reassured readers that testing for salmonella was a long…


getting away from it all

When you’re on vacation do you think about work? Not thoughts of dread, worry or angst but reflection, planning and problem solving. I just did. Last Sunday I awoke in Seattle to freezing temps and a dusting of snow. By midday I was building a sandcastle on Ka’anapali Beach, Maui in 79 degree sunshine. If…


more about test case reuse

We mostly write test cases that are specifically tied to a single application. This shouldn’t come as any big surprise given that we’ve never expected test cases to have any value outside our immediate team. But if we want to complete the picture of reusable test cases that I painted in my last post we…