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Position requires comparing an insanely complicated, poorly documented product to a nonexistent or woefully incomplete specification. Help from original developers will be minimal and given grudgingly. Product will be used in environments that vary widely with multiple users, multiple platforms, multiple languages and other such impossibilities yet unknown but just as important. Performance, security and privacy are absolute must haves and the applicant is expected to teach us exactly what that means. Post release failures are unacceptable and could cause us to go out of business so some knowledge of appropriate quality buzzwords is necessary.


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  1. strazzerj says:


    This is a dead-on interpretation of many job postings I have seen.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I’ve actually gotten a lot of questions about whether this is real.

  3. pberry says:

    If job adverts told the truth…

    What’s scary is not that it’s close to the bone but that a lot of places that do know better (and even have good testing and development policies) still act like this when the pressure’s on.

  4. thayu says:

    Sometimes, what is sadder still is the fact that the pressure is on even when the bug is found before release. I’ve heard people being asked why a certain bug wasn’t caught earlier than it was, and no, it wasn’t with the intent of correcting things next time.

    As someone I know said, "We’re the last line of defence. Everyone else is allowed to make a couple of mistakes here and there – we on the other hand are not allowed to make mistakes _and_ we have to make sure we catch all the mistakes others make!"

    A tall order? Maybe. Pressure? You bet! I wonder – will testing ever be decoupled from pressure? 🙂

  5. Zoidyn says:

    Ambiguity Expert for Harvey Nash:  This was the title of a QA Engineer job posting on the Yahoo group SeaQAJobSeekers about a year ago.  Seemed to me very descriptive of environments we testers frequently find ourselves in.  No idea what company Harvey Nash was recruiting for, but I thought the title alone provided fair warning of what a tester might expect.

  6. LeverIT says:

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