SharePoint 2010 Accessibility

Just a very quick post to say that more details have been released on SharePoint 2010 Accessibility over on the official SharePoint blog.  Well worth a read.


SharePoint 2010 for Governments

I have to admit, I am hugely impressed with the new functionality on offer in SharePoint 2010, it is a huge leap forward.  It really is an immensely powerful platform offering a huge range of services.  The official one sentence description is “The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web” For a good…


SharePoint 2010 accessibility with WCAG 2.0 support

UPDATE – Since this blog post more information has been released about accessibility in SharePoint 2010 on the official SharePoint blog:   After a long wait we can now announce that SharePoint 2010 has greatly improved accessibility with WCAG 2.0 support.  I am out in Las Vegas at the SharePoint 2010 Conference and Steve…


SharePoint Web Sites in Government

There are some great examples of Government web sites being hosted on SharePoint.  The cost and management benefits of consolidating your internal collaboration and content management platform with your external web portal are significant.  I think it was this site from Chicago that really stood out for me.   I get asked the question quite…


SharePoint and CRM, which tool to use?

When I moved from my previous role into this one, I had to get up to speed on Dynamics CRM having never really looked at it before – and to be honest I had no real desire, it was a CRM tool.  Coming from a classic Microsoft architecture background to say I was pleasantly surprised…