Gov2.0 and Facebook ‘Like’ Buttons

I am all for Gov2.0.  I think that it can genuinely make a difference and help bring public sector organisations and people closer together and give them new ways of working.  However, with it comes responsibility, the public sector needs to understand what it is signing its users up for. In my post Insurers use…


Insurers use social networking sites to identify risky clients

Of all the fun topics in IT going around at the moment, privacy is a good one.  There is a lot of press about privacy online and how we are all doomed, however looking at the share price of Google and Facebook, ignoring privacy seems to make pretty good business sense.  There are so many…


The changing face of cyber security for governments

I have spent a fair amount of time working on government systems, and security has always been a priority.  But what I am finding interesting is the type of threats that they are now taking very seriously – effectively protecting against a cyber attack from a foreign state.  Of course the moment we start talking…


The anti-privacy lobby?

I am normally glad when privacy stories hit the mainstream media, as the general public need to understand the issues.  However I was relatively surprised to see this one from the BBC: German vandals target Street View opt-out homes German home-owners who have chosen to opt out of Google’s Street View service appear to have…


OpenID Issues

Interesting post called OpenID is a Nightmare highlights a few potential problems with the federation model when used in a small business.  The problem is neatly summarised as follows: Let me just preface this by saying of all the failure points in your business – you really don’t want the door to be locked while…


SharePoint 2010 Accessibility

Just a very quick post to say that more details have been released on SharePoint 2010 Accessibility over on the official SharePoint blog.  Well worth a read.


Time to take change seriously?

A very interesting day all in all.  It started out with a little trip to London to meet up with Dave Briggs of ukgovcamp and DavePress fame and a fellow Microsoft colleague Dave Coplin.  We spent a very enjoyable hour talking about public sector, social computing and now IT can enable change – but I…