SharePoint 2010 accessibility with WCAG 2.0 support

UPDATE - Since this blog post more information has been released about accessibility in SharePoint 2010 on the official SharePoint blog:

 SharePoint 2010

After a long wait we can now announce that SharePoint 2010 has greatly improved accessibility with WCAG 2.0 support.  I am out in Las Vegas at the SharePoint 2010 Conference and Steve Ballmer announced the WCAG 2.0 support during his keynote to great applause.

For a full overview of SharePoint 2010 check out this blog post from the SharePoint team  As i get more details about the accessibility support and other bits I will post them up.

Just one thing to note… the accessibility support is for WCAG 2.0 released earlier this year, not the original WCAG standard.  For a quick overview take a look at the post ‘New W3C accessibility standard released

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  1. I’ve done a compliance test from the beta version using Total Validator. The results are promissing.

    Check out here:

  2. Alex says:

    I use this thing at work.  I hate it.  It's very difficult to navigate using a keyboard.  Takes forever to get anywhere in work flow pages.  This is even when accessibility is turned on.  Thank God I know html.  I have to input raw html into edit fields because the rich text accessibility just isn't there yet.  Fields are mislabeled, the tab key doesn't behave  as it ought, the communication between sharepoint 2010 and my screen reader Jaws is just not quite there.  I think it's a bit better than it was in 2007 but it is by no means an engine I would tout as accessible.

    Screenreader user

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