Should government own our data?

I know when someone first started to describe to me the concept that the government should not hold data about me, but rather I should hold it instead – it took me a little while to understand why this was a good thing. A paper has been released by the Centre for Policy Studies (an…


The dark side of Gov 2.0

I am rather enjoying Andrea DiMaio’s latest post – It is time to explore the dark side of Government 2.0.  As I have noted a few times here, here and here not everything is always rosy in the Gov 2.0 garden.  One of the issues that I see is the speed at which governments are…


Gov 2.0 in Local Government: Yammer or Twitter?

Gov 2.0 can and will effect all levels of governments and associated agencies. Over on the Headstar e-government blog there is a case study of Web 2.0 in Local Government which sparked my interest for two reasons. Firstly and totally unrelated to the subject in hand is that it is about Brighton and Hove City…


Putting government data online

Tim Berners-Lee has published a set of notes that he has written after talks with various people in the UK and US governments.  They are pretty rough and high level, but interesting to see the direction he is taking after his appointment. It is good to see a health dose of realism already coming through,…


Do we have to define Gov 2.0?

There is so much being written about Gov 2.0, about what it means to different people – however we have no ‘formal definition’.  Personally I am one of those people who does not really care if we cannot all agree on a definition – Gov 2.0 will continue to change, lets not tie it down….



(note to self, don’t start writing a series of posts unless you have them all ready to publish otherwise they seem to go on forever!) eID for Governments Federation for Government Overview Identity Providers Authentication Methods Do you need strong authentication? Tokens and Claims Another post in the “eID for Governments” and we need to…


We need more that just Employee-Centric Government

Andrea DiMaio the Gartner eGov blogger posted yesterday about Governments needing to be “employee-centric” to get Gov2.0 to work – ie. without support from within their own organisations and from their own employees their transformation efforts will fail. The post entitled Citizen-Driven Government Must Be Employee-Centric, Too outlines his arguments and there is also further…


The Other James Brown

James Brown was the Architect for the UK Government Gateway, one of the world’s largest central Government authentication and messaging systems.  Over these 4 years he worked with departments and authorities across the UK, and advised many countries on their eID strategies. Currently he is an Industry Technology Strategist for Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector and…


Gov2.0 and Data

An important thing happened today, and hopefully it will influence the Gov2.0 direction that the UK takes. The Cabinet Office has announced that Tim Berners-Lee is helping the UK government to be more open and accessible on the web.  So aside from some kudos points for getting the inventor of the world wide web to…