Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m off for the next few weeks spending time with family and enjoying the holiday. I will still be online to reply to questions, but I won’t be putting together any posts during this time. Also, we are expecting our first child in early January, so depending on when that happens, it may be even…


Overrides in SCOM 2007

In SCOM 2007 we have implemented a powerful, but somewhat complicated override architecture. Basic overrides for rules, monitors and other workflows fall into two categories: configuration and property overrides. Configuration overrides allow you to override particular configuration elements that are unique to a workflow, while property overrides allow you to override the properties (such as…


Differences between MCF in MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007

I wanted to go through and outline some of the changes we made for MCF since our last release. The things I really wanted to accomplish in redesigning MCF was to make it more integrated with SCOM 2007 than it was in MOM 2005, to make necessary performance improvements and maintain at least the same…


Creating and Updating Groups

I’ve received several questions over the past few days about how to create and update groups in the SDK. Below is a commented sample of how to do it. What InsertCustomMonitoringObject group does, is create a new singleton class that derives from Microsoft.SystemCenter.InstanceGroup. It also creates a rule that populates this group which essentially defines…


Command Shell

A co-worker of mine has started a blog on the SCOM Power Shell. The power shell is built on top of the SDK and provides command line functionality for many common administration tasks and much more. I’ve added the link to the list of SCOM blogs and also pasted it here for reference: System Center…


Inserting Discovery Data

We’ve gone over how to drive state and insert operational data for existing entities, but how do you insert your own objects into the system? That’s what this post will briefly touch on, as well as providing sample code (below) and a management pack to use (attached) with the code. Discovery data insertion via the…


How Stuff Works

In reply to a comment I received, I wanted to put together a post about how things work in general, mostly with respect to the SDM as implemented in SCOM 2007. For those of you familiar with MOM 2005, you’ll know that things were very computer centric, which might make the 2007 concepts a bit…


More with Alert and State Change Insertion

Update: I have updated the management pack to work with the final RTM bits  Update #2: You cannot use the aggregate method described below to set the state of any instance not hosted on the Root Management Server. The last thing I had wanted to demonstrate about alert and state change insertion finally became resolved….


Caching on the Brain

This week I have been working a lot on caching in the SDK, trying to optimize some code paths and improve performance as much as I can, so I decided to share a bit about how the cache works, and some insights into its implementation while it’s fresh on my mind. SCOM 2007 relies heavily…