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Well, it has been a while since I had any posts with new content (and it will actually be just a bit longer), but I wanted to write a quick post on what has been going on with SDK development for Operations Manager and talk a bit about Service Manager.

First off, Operations Manager is going well and tracking toward R2. I've been been involved in that development, but there is not a lot of new content that went into the SDK for that release; mostly important bug fixes were put in to address customer issues and other issues that were found. There were a few new features that went in to help with performance (such as a lightweight alert and event objects to help with views), but development on the SDK has been slow going on that front.

After SP1 (although we've been keeping changes in sync since then) of Operations Manager was ready, we took the SDK code and have been evolving it to meet the needs of Service Manager. Service Manager has much deeper and more complicated requirements of the SDK and it makes sense for that product to push and own the charter of the SDK. The plan is to have the next major release of Operations Manager be built on top of the new SDK so that Service Manager and Operations Manager truly share a large part of the infrastructure. This will help enable a lot of "better together" scenarios for both products.

We've been busy putting a ton of new features into the SDK and enabling all sorts of new scenarios to be possible over the infrastructure and we're tracking well to our Beta 1 that will be released shortly. For those that are familiar with Service Manager, formerly Service Desk, this is the first public release after the previously announced reset.

I plan to evolve this blog into discussions around this new SDK, its new features, differences with the Operations Manager 2007 and general help for the Service Manager product. I will continue to field your questions either through email or through comments here on Operations Manager, but as is already self-evident if you look at my recent blog posts, I will not be writing new posts on SCOM 2007 SDK. When the next major release of SCOM has its first public milestone, all of the content here will be pertinent to that as well.

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  1. TimMcFadden says:

    Jakub you mentioned SP2.  Any rough timeframe when that will be available?

  2. There hasn’t been a date announced that I am aware of yet.

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