System Center Service Manager

Well, I have been pretty quiet lately with posts and I can finally share why. Over the past few months I have been very busy working on System Center Service Manager and making the Operations Manager infrastructure work for that product as well. More information about the changes in that product can be found here:

Given these changes, I am actually no longer on the Operations Manager team, but actually exclusively on the Service Manager core development team. What does that mean for Operations Manager and the SDK? The infrastructure I am working on builds on the existing SDK of Operations Manager API and makes it work seamlessly with Service Manager and Operations Manager. The infrastructure will be structured as a System Center programmatic infrastructure with a lot of functionality being common across products (currently Service Manager and Operations Manager), with product specific functionality built on top of it.

All this being said, the best way to use the API today is to make sure a proper level of abstraction is used in larger projects; this will minimize impact of any changes in the future.

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