I added a link to Boris's blog, OpsMgr++, on my blog list on the right. Boris has been putting up many samples he does for various customers and partners. Most recently he has a few samples on programmatically creating monitors, which gives good insight not just on creating monitors, but on MP authoring scenarios in general.

In terms of more posts from me, I am still looking for suggestions. I have been fielding many of your questions through email and the OpsMgr newsgroups but I haven't had a chance to put together a substantive post in a while, mostly due to lack of topics, so please, if you have any things you would like me to demonstrate using the SDK or any general questions about it, please let me know.

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  1. DaveO says:

    On new topics…

    How about something along the lines of the MOM2005 Autoticket Solution Accelerator, updated for OpsMgr2007?  

    I think examples of barebones in-bound, out-bound and 2-way connectors would be helpful.


  2. DaveO says:

    Whoops! never mind, the SDK docs do provide examples of that.

  3. Sureshquest says:

    Does Ops Mgr supports devices using IPv6 ?

    Does Ops Mgr supports SNMP devices using SNMPv3?

  4. No on SNMPv3 and I don’t think we have any modules that support IPv6.

  5. Sureshquest says:

    Thanks for the reply Jakub, quiet surprising that, there is no support for IPv6. We have some customer, who is having some Cisco devices, which is using IPv6. Is there any other work around you could suggest to monitor such devices ?

    As for as SNMPv3 is concerned i could find other tools available , in the internet, which will extend the existing SNMP layer in windows, but not sure how i can do the workaround for IPv6.

    Is there any chance, that the future service packs / version of Ops Mgr will have such feature ? 🙂

  6. There are plans in the next release to have more support for IPv6. Currently, the UI has no support, but it is my understanding that the underlying discovery modules should work with IPv6, although there was only minimum testing and the feature is not supported.

    You could try playing around with manually editing discovery rules created by the UI and use IPv6 addresses and see if it works. Again, this is not something that would be supported, but it *should* work.

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