New Blog

We’ve started up a new blog dedicated to the Service Manager Platform ( New posts will be going there and I will stop posting new content here, although I’ll leave the current content up for reference.


Getting Closer

We’re pushing hard as a team to finish up Service Manager and we’re getting closer :-). I apologize for not having any content related posts in quite some time. I’ve still been fielding questions sent directly to me and please keep them coming. As folks start using the Service Manager platform, I hope to have…


Service Manager 2010 Beta 2 Released

We released our public Beta 2 on Friday and are busy making progress toward our RTM early next year. This is a fully public, feature complete Beta available on the Microsoft Connect site. The email sent from the Connect site to subscribers: The Service Manager team is very pleased to announce that Beta-2 for Service…


Object Templates

In Service Manager, we have a variety of scenarios where we needed to capture partial object state and apply that state at a later time. The state captured is usually all or part of some IT process. For example, when creating a Change Request from the UI, the user is prompted with a set of…


Categorizing Management Pack Elements

If you are familiar with Management Packs and their elements in Operations Manager, you’ll know that there were a few elements that had a “Category” attribute whose value was fixed from an enumeration defined in the schema. While this worked, it was quite limiting. For one, the enumeration itself did not make a lot of…


New Criteria

Well, we’re back from MMS which was pretty successful for Service Manager in general. In a lot of ways, it was a coming out party of sorts as we were able to demonstrate a ton of functionality about the product and really show how well it is coming along. My session with Travis went great…


MMS 2009

I apologize for not posting lately, we’ve been really heads down on Beta 2 and working on our sessions for MMS. I plan to post more regularly again when things die down a bit, but in the meantime just wanted to let you know that I’ll be at MMS doing the session below. If anyone…


Getting and Working With Type Projections – Basic

In my last post in gave you a more in-depth look at creating type projections in Service Manager. In this post, I’d like to provide you with some basic examples on how you can retrieve and work with instances of type projections. I’ll be using the same Management Pack and data set from the previous…


More with Type Projections

In my last post I introduced you to a new concept in the Service Manager infrastructure called Type Projections. Here, I want to expand on my previous example and discuss type projection structure in more depth. I’ve attached the management pack that I will be discussing (NFL.xml) and there is reference code at the bottom…


Getting Started with Type Projections

A very powerful new concept in the SDK is the notion of Type Projections. I always describe type projections as a view over our type system, much like a SQL view over tables, with the added capability that our type projections are hierarchal. What projections allow you to do is query over and retrieve collections…