Entren a la plática de desarrollo de aplicaciones para windows 7

Jaime Sanchez Beltran has invited you to attend an online meeting using Microsoft® Office Communications Server.

Join the meeting

Make sure the Office Live Meeting client is installed before the meeting:

· I am connecting from inside the Microsoft network


Unable to join the meeting? Start Office Live Meeting and join the meeting with the following information:

Meeting ID: acc57cec6e1b4e6bb3291e68ad92cb7d

Entry Code: 6002

Location: meet:sip:jaimesb@microsoft.com;gruu;opaque=app:conf:focus:id:acc57cec6e1b4e6bb3291e68ad92cb7d%3Fconf-key=6002

If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support:

· Outside the Microsoft network


Office Live Meeting can be used to record meetings. By participating in this meeting, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.

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