Building Windows Games with the Unity game engine

This is not déjà vu(or a joke) — we are finally executing on the training event we postponed last November If you want to know why now, today Unity released their public beta of Unity 4.2, with support for Windows Store apps.  The event is on; below, you will find the highest level details.  For…


Free, online Windows 8 UX Training

  This coming Thursday (6/14) members of the Windows User Experience team are delivering an all-day, free, virtual training on Windows 8 UX fundamentals. You can register for the event here. Below is a brief excerpt from the registration site ( sorry for blatant copy paste )..  Metro style apps are the focal point of…


A free, early Windows 8 Store token plus a free Windows 8 slate..

I have blogged before about the process to get a Windows 8 developer token early so you can reserve your name and submit your app.   Now, a few colleagues in US DPE Central region are raising the bounty with a contest that gives free slates to the best apps that complete a lab by June…


Building Metro style apps with C++ event is now a live webcast

Two weeks ago, we announced an all day training for those Building metro style apps with C++.. Event sold out within a few days, and we got a lot of requests for it to be recorded (or broadcasted live)..   I am happy to announce that the event will now be live.  Please pencil us in in…


Announcing the Building Windows 8 apps with C++ Windows camp

Join the Microsoft Visual C++ and Windows teams in Redmond on May 18, 2012 for a free, all-day event focused on building Windows 8 Metro style apps with C++.   Whether you are a new C++ developer ready to learn about the writing Metro style apps, an intermediate developer who wants to hone your code…


Wanted!! Great Windows 8 Metro style apps

Tuesday, the Windows Store blog announced that in the next significant Windows 8 preview release they will be expanding their global coverage with 33 additional app submission locales for developers.  As Antoine Leblond alluded to in the post, our store services are ramping up as planned–and of course the plan includes ramping up developer registrations…


Installing .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  [I am traveling today, so it might be a one-off due to low band-width at the hotel, but in case it helps others] I was installing Live writer and got a prompt to install the .NET Framework 3.5, I agreed to do that and got a “following feature could not be installed. Error: 0x800F0906….


Ad SDK for Windows 8 Metro style apps

Yesterday, Microsoft released the Beta Ad SDK for Windows 8. This is an update to the SDK released at build. It works with Windows 8 Consumer preview. Here are the relevant links for the announcement:        Ad SDK download    Microsoft Beta Ad SDK documentation on MSDN Blog post announcing the SDK Happy Windows 8 coding.


Getting started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

it has been a long while since I last blogged. Why?  I have immersed myself into the Windows 8 Metro style app development world..  🙂 Now, it is time to report back and share some of my experiences building Metro style apps via some blog posts. I hope you come along for the ride. Here is…