Building Metro style apps with C++ event is now a live webcast

Two weeks ago, we announced an all day training for those Building metro style apps with C++..

Event sold out within a few days, and we got a lot of requests for it to be recorded (or broadcasted live)..  

I am happy to announce that the event will now be live.  Please pencil us in in your calendar. Event will be live on Friday May 18th, from 9 AM PST to 5 PM PST.

We will share details (the link) and the agenda later this week.  
We will aim to have two live Q&As (one around noon PST) and one around 4 PM PST, we will take your questions via twitter.. Just follow the #win8C++Camp (Updated on 5/10) #ch9live hash on the day of the event..


Please help us spread the word!! Hope you can join us on the 18th.

Happy Windows 8 coding!!


Comments (1)

  1. small_mountain says:

    Thanks, Jaime, that's a big help.  I hope you'll also record the webcast – my son has a baseball game at 6pm EST that day, so I'll miss the last 3 hours of the live version.


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