Installing .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  [I am traveling today, so it might be a one-off due to low band-width at the hotel, but in case it helps others] I was installing Live writer and got a prompt to install the .NET Framework 3.5, I agreed to do that and got a “following feature could not be installed. Error: 0x800F0906….


Ad SDK for Windows 8 Metro style apps

Yesterday, Microsoft released the Beta Ad SDK for Windows 8. This is an update to the SDK released at build. It works with Windows 8 Consumer preview. Here are the relevant links for the announcement:        Ad SDK download    Microsoft Beta Ad SDK documentation on MSDN Blog post announcing the SDK Happy Windows 8 coding.

Getting started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

it has been a long while since I last blogged. Why?  I have immersed myself into the Windows 8 Metro style app development world..  🙂 Now, it is time to report back and share some of my experiences building Metro style apps via some blog posts. I hope you come along for the ride. Here is…