transcript from background agents Q&A..

Last week we did a video on background agents for the Inside Windows Phone show..    If you want to go deep into agents, you must watch the video. It is here. To lure the super starPeter Torr into coming and doing yet another video on background agents, I had to prove to him the questions…


Useful Mango Developer Resources

With the Windows Phone (codenamed) Mango beta release, the Windows Phone team thrived to have great documentation and useful learning resources for WP7 developers. I think they did a superb job and given it came after MIX (and we had lots of great video content) the docs have gone unnoticed a bit, so I want…


Windows Phone emulator software input panel and orientation

I hope I am not the only person who did not know this (apologies if that is the case). <context> A few weeks ago while at an event in Finland, my emulator did not detect an orientation change during a demo. Some one suggested I restart the emulator, I did, and it worked (against my…


System Tray Progress Indicator

In my last post, I teased that system tray in Mango is now customizable and data binding friendly   On top of that, the SystemTray now has a ProgressIndicator  that you can use to replace your PerformantProgressBar and display progress on async operations.   Here is everything you need to know (or everything I know) about…


Customizing SystemTray’s Background in Mango

A missing feature from Windows phone 7.0 was the ability to set the Background and Foreground color in the SystemTray. For branded apps (like Facebook) this was a problem cause the tray looked ugly, so most of these apps had to hide it, hiding important notifications (like clock, battery indicator ) from the user.. In…


Where is RichTextBox in the Mango beta?

if you try using RichTextBox in the recently released Mango Beta tools, you might notice the control does not have a default control template applied to it.  [That means when you try to use it, you will see nothing but not get an error either].  This is a known issue for the beta.  To get…


Slides and samples for the Helsinki mobile day event..

  Thanks to those that attended our all-day Mobile Day event in Helsinki.      As promised, the content follows. The decks are here. The sample code is here. Thanks again for attending. Happy Windows Phone coding!


Inside Windows Phone show is back

With all the new coming features in Mango, I had to bring the show back..  Every Friday expect an episode or two between now and Mango’s RTM]. This week, we have two new episodes An overview of the new Camera APIs ( with demos and sample code ) An end-to-end walkthrough of Bing Search Extras…


An update from Windows Phone developers themselves

The past few days have been very exciting for Windows Phone developers: The Microsoft partnership with Nokia promises great synergy for delivering on our platform and fueling the ecosystem, thereby creating a huge opportunity for developers. Steve Ballmer and Joe Belfiore disclosed just a few (not all!) of the new features in the platform release…


FAQ about copy paste functionality in upcoming release

I received a few questions about this post, and the nodo bits that were released last week, some of the answers are worth sharing broadly. About the UI guideline comment [this is the one worth the clarification] What is the UI guideline about not using TextBox in pivot/pano?  Where is it documented? This is mostly…