Video recordings for first Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart event


This week, MS learning did the first delivery of our Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart training. 

The JumpStart is a four part deep-dive into Windows Phone.  The four sessions included:

  1. An Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform
  2. Game Building on the Windows Phone Platform
  3. Advanced Windows Phone Development
  4. Selling Your Windows Phone Solutions & Wrap Up

The reviews for the event were awesome.  Thousands of people attended. Everybody liked the presenters and the content.

You can download all the content for the JumpStart from this MS Learning Website

Below you can find links to the video recordings. 
The recordings a little raw, they are captures of the sessions without edits, but the videos are great for learning Windows phone,  they go through fast, and are a must-see companion to the demos and ppts..

If you missed out, on these great sessions check the MS Learning blog next month. I hear the events will be repeated often.

Session one: Intro to the series and intro to Windows Phone platform:

Session Two: Game building on Windows phone

Session Three:  Advanced Windows Phone development ( life cycle, state management, push, etc.. )

Session four: Selling your Windows Phone solution ( marketplace, A

Happy Windows Phone coding..

Comments (4)

  1. deep says:

    But no link found to download the redirects to support page.

  2. deep,

    Links are working again. Not sure why they were disabled (maybe high traffic since that site is for review, not consumption ).

    This was a tough trade-off between releasing the videos a little earlier on this site and giving it more polished on a different site optimized for delivery.

    MS Learning will be editing the videos and moving them some where else; interim, for those that want to get started immediately, try the links.

    Email me if they are not working, but please be patient and understanding.

  3. Trees says:

    Thanks Jamie, I wouldn't mind a scan through them for any useful gems – unfortunately between 1am and 6am for these events was a bit tough on this side of the globe – so thanks everyone for the efforts in making these available to download later 🙂

  4. Silvercrux says:

    Thanks very much for making them available. I did signup, but I am from INDIA and it was like 1.30AM India time and hence couldn't join the session. But having access to offline is GREAT :). Thank you. I am specially interested in Video for building games, as it's my next project 🙂

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