Tips for uninstalling the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTPs and moving to beta

To install the Windows Phone Developer Tools beta, you will first need to uninstall the older CTP (if you had it installed).

The process is straight forward if you get the order right and don’t have other pre-release bits installed.   All this means is

  1. You should uninstall the item named Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP – ENU. That will chain the uninstall of other components.

If you do run into issues (or you are reading this and already uninstalled in wrong order), the following blog posts have workarounds to the most common errors you will run into:

  1. You are trying to uninstall, but the software first wants to install something that is or was already installed. 
    Check this post
  2. You are getting an error installing the beta,  need tips to check for incompatible components.  Check this post
  3. Your install failed in the middle, or you have uninstalled components out of order and you need some brute force uninstaller.  Try this post

I hope that does it; if not please try the Windows Phone forums.  You can also email me, but responses are much more delayed than at the forums; we have a great team monitoring the forums.

Happy Windows Phone coding.

Comments (2)

  1. Ian Randall says:

    Perfect! I had been delaying the beta install (like the cowardly dog I am) Good to know there's some resources to help if/when I screw it all up… thanks, Jaime 🙂

  2. gahayden says:

    too bad all your links are broken

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