If you are a Silverlight  developer take a quick “Journey into Siverlight on Windows Phonecoverby checking out the free preview of Chapter 6 on the “Learning Windows Phone Programming” book by  my colleague Yochay Kiriaty and yours truly.   

In this quick read, and you will get a high level glimpse at the the Silverlight stack on Windows Phone and understand the reasons for the few small tweaks..   Mike Harsh said at MIX “if you are a Silverlight developer, congrats you just graduated to Windows Phone developer”..  I am changing that one to “after you read this chapter you will have graduated as a Windows Phone developer” 🙂

You can also download code samples for this chapter from the code section on the Learning Windows Phone site.  This site is a work in progress (our friend who will do the design is on vacation, bear with us).  Check the site often as we will soon add the ‘engage’ capability..

Feedback on both the chapter and the site are welcome and appreciated! Try the contact page on the site.  Also, in case you missed it, we have another free chapter for “Building your first Windows Phone application”.

If you like the chapter, please tweet it, or share it. we want others to enjoy it and to share feedback on it!

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