I am back..

I hear that I am not supposed to do the “sorry, I got busy..” blog post… but it has been long enough that I do feel I owe you a “catching up” post…

Where did I go?  nowhere.   I am still in the same team, at Microsoft. Doing the same gig (working with big customers on the coolest apps that use any .NET client technology (including WPF, Silverlight, and a new addition Windows Phone)..

Why did not you call, email, or blog?   At first, I was a bit too busy with events like PDC, CES and MIX preparation… 
After that, I was a bit consumed by Windows Phone but could not blog about it.  i was also letting technology and demand take its course.   You will hear more about it as I go.

How is the family?  wife and kids are good.  We moved (a whole 4 miles distance, but new school district).  Samuel just finished basketball season, we are moving on to T-ball…  Sophia is at a wonderful fun/loving age (almost 4); I am enjoying every minute since I already know time flies when your kids are young.

Now that you are back; are you going to blog more frequently and stick with it?
I will try!  Can’t guarantee it, but will give it a second run… I am super excited about what is coming down the pipeline at Microsoft and have lots of opinions and tips to share around that…

Can we still email you or contact you via blog contact page? 
Yes,  please do..    I would love ideas for topics to blog on, or questions on old posts..  stay tuned and you will hear I am adding technologies to my repertoire..

Thanks for reading [for those that stuck around :)]

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  1. roteague says:

    Welcome back!! I check your blog frequently, and I’m glad to see you back and writing. Thanks for all you do for the community.

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