Details on the Push Notification app limits

Yesterday, Kevin Marshall wrote a blog post  with a good developer tip: to code defensively for the 15 application limit in push notification.  I know the post was well intended (as a developer tip) and fair criticism (to platform limit); but a few people got confused or misinterpreted and we ended up with tweets or…


UpdateSourceTrigger on Windows Phone data bindings

I am writing this tiny demo app, that has a TextBox data bound to a ViewModel.  I want the TextBox to fire notifications to the ViewModel whenever the text changes (as opposed to only firing notifications when the textbox loses focus). In WPF, this is trivial to do, you just set the UpdateSourceTrigger on the…


Windows Phone Application Performance at Silverlight Firestarter

Yesterday I did a dry-run of my performance talk for today’s Silverlight fire starter. Conclusion was that the talk is like drinking from a fire-hose. It is tight for 45 minutes, but the content is good and we could not agree on what to cut. It was all too good and useful to cut stuff.  …


ISO image for the Windows Phone developer tools..

For those of us who have multiple machines or re-install often and don’t like to download every time using the web installer,  there is an ISO image for the Windows Phone Developer tools Download using this link.. This is the RTM version ( so what we released around 9/15).   Don’t forget to install the…


Working with GIF images in Windows Phone

As you know, Silverlight does not have native support for decoding gif images. That is downer, but not a showstopper since several 3rd party, opensource libraries for decoding Gifs. The Twitter for Windows Phone team used the ImageTools project from Codeplex to decode gifs.   It worked well, but when we implemented there were two things…


Windows phones hardware reviews

Kevan Hutson (or some one in his team) created this great ‘aggregation’ of reviews of different Windows Phone models.It is a bit US-centric, because it aimed at helping the MS-based US Employees order their phones now that Windows Phone is launched in the US. Still think it might be useful to many of the people…


The Windows Phone platform and Windows Phone devs are both doing great

Yesterday, I saw a few posts, tweets and personal emails from smart, professional developers  who are building great windows phone apps and did not appreciate getting caught in the recent slew of press and marketing exchange around Windows Phone perf.   I am going to share my personal experiences to try to clarify the likely misinterpretation…..


GeoCoordinateWatcher tips part1

A few tips for those using GeoCoordinateWatcher in Windows Phone 7. The data: GeoCoordinateWatcher events fire in the UI thread.  Yes, StatusChanged and PositionChanged fire in the UI thread.  This is not due to thread affinity or any thing similar. Even if I start the GeoCoordinateWatcher in a background thread, it still fires events in…


Slides and demos from TechEd sessions..

  I have uploaded my slides and demos from my teched sessions.  Thanks for attending and staying awake   Deepdive Part1 deck ,        Part 1 source Part 2 deck,       Part 2 source code Part 3 deck WPH306 Deck, Source   Happy Windows Phone coding!


XAPAthons at Teched Europe 2010

On my way to TechEd Europe today, and just found out there is a room available to host a Windows Phone XAPathon.. There was also room for T-shirts for first 12 XAPathon RSVPs.   If you are at the event. Below is the likely places you will find me.. XAPAthons What is a XAPathon? A casual…