Learn, network with MVPs, and have fun at the PDC Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp

Before and After

We recently announced a free, all-day Windows 7 developer training the day before PDC. 

Our goal for the day is to dive deep into the new most important kernel features, and also give you insightful advise into the new user mode developer features – including multitouch, taskbar, sensors & location, and graphics.  The day will be packed with insightful advise guaranteed to save you hours of reading articles, documentation, and blog posts. We are going to be punchy and direct!

I am also pleased to announced that the MVPs attending PDC are joining us for the day, and are going to be hosting all the attendees for lunch; the lunch tables will have signs announcing the MVP technology to be discussed at that table;  you can drill down on that specialty and connect with our community champions and most valuable professionals.

We are also adding to the boot camp the judging competition for the Code 7 contest; this will be a fun 30 minutes near the end of the day, you will see some very cool, inspiring Windows 7 projects developed by the community, and we will also have a few prizes to raffle for the boot camp attendees. 

If you are still not ready to go home after all that,  you can hit the recently announced screening of the Visual Studio Documentary. 

As you can see, the day is packed with great content, experts, and fun activities.  All of this for the low price of FREE!!
You do still have to register.  All the details for the free registration are here. You do not have to be attending PDC, you can register for just the boot camp.  Of course, if you are coming to LA, might as well stay for the full PDC.
Registration to the boot camp is on first-come-first-served basis, so don’t wait too long.

About the agenda for the day, it is the same schedule than the workshops: 10 AM to 5:45 PM with lunch at noon and two breaks during the day.

Our current outline divides the day into three two-hour sessions:

  • 10 AM – noon.  -- Getting the most out of Windows
    Mark Russinovich, Arun Kishan and Landy Wang are going to dive deep into the kernel improvements. Arun is going to demystify the scheduler, and Landy is going to spill all the details on the memory manager improvements in Windows 7
    Yes, I know, these are not the technical terms they would use, but their outline is the kind of deep stuff that makes my (as they call it, user mode) head hurt, so I had to simplify it.  The good news is that Arun, Mark and Landy will also be available after their two hour session for those of you who want to side line with them and keep going deep into their kernel bliss.
  • Noon to 1:15 – Lunch and network with the MVPs
  • 1:15 to 3:15 – Making the most out of your software
    Yochay Kiriaty and I will get deep into the shell improvements – taskbar, libraries and search-; we will also cover,  the new ribbon control, and the sensors & location platform (technically this belonged in the hardware session, but we had to fit it here to optimize the time).
  • 3:45 to 5:30ish – Getting the most out of today’s PC hardware.
    We will cover multitouch and Michael Oneppo will join and dive into the graphics improvements in Windows 7- including Direct2D, DirectWrite,  and DirectX11.
  • 5:30 to 6ish…  Code 7 Contest prizes
  • 6:30 the Visual Studio documentary.

Again, must register to attend..  Don’t wait too long or you might be left out.

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