Expression Studio TuTorialS Starter Kit

Via Arturo Toledo (internal email).  The Expression team released four great Expression starter kits today..

Introduction to Prototyping with Sketchflow in Expression Blend 3
Discover Sketchflow, a new feature set in Expression Blend 3 that helps you define the concept for user experiences in early stages of the design process. From sketches to wireframes to protoypes of simple or high definition, Sketchflow provides you the right tools to communicate your ideas and gather feedback from others.

Venture into Gaming with Behaviors in Expression Blend 3 
Learn more about how to build a traditional "bricks" game using Expression Blend 3 Behaviors. Simply drag and drop Behaviors over objects in your artboard to easily add powerful and sophisticated functions like animation, physics, interactivity, data connection, effects and more. All without coding. The ever growing Behaviors Gallery at is always available for you to download new behaviors.

Discovering SuperPreview in Expression Web 3
Learn more about SuperPreview, a new visual diagnostics tool in Expression Web 3. In this Starter Kit you will be provided with detailed guidance on how to leverage SuperPreview to diagnose issues across multiple browser, all with full rendering fidelity and detailed control.

Support for Silverlight in Expression Web 3
Learn how to leverage the new and easy to use Silverlight support features in Expression Web 3. Then take your websites and publish them to an FTP location without having to leave Expression Web.



I just got done watching the Sketchflow tutorial videos; they were excellent!!  Moving to behaviors next 🙂


Comments (5)

  1. shaggygi says:

    what is the password to unzip the images?

  2. Hi Shaggygi,

    What password?  I downloaded zip, extracted it, and everything went with it..   So far, only tried sketchflow..  Which zip r u trying?

  3. shaggygi says:

    I tried the SketchFlow and SL with Expression Web examples.  When I unzip the files on both examples, all images have a prompt to enter a password.  I just skip them.  Would this be a config on my WinZip?  I just have the default from Windows.

  4. shaggygi,

    I asked here and nobody had issues.  We are all running Windows 7 ofcourse.  There is not supposed to be a password.  Could your zip be corrupt from download?  Maybe trying downloading again or using a free trial of Winzip?

    <jaime totallyclueless="true" sorry="true" />

  5. TheLudditeDeveloper says:

    This is good stuff.

    I have been looking for Expression Sudio 3 tutorials and videos.

    I look forward to seeing many more.

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