New release of WPF Toolkit, now with charts!

The June release of the WPF toolkit went live today, it now includes the charts imagethat come with the Silverlight toolkit.

David Anson has the scoop and a great sample on the charts

The other controls (Datagrid, VSM, and DatePicker) also include a few minor fixes (check the release notes).
There is not an update for the WPF ribbon; we are still hopingthe update to ribbon comes after (or around same time) as .NET4 beta2. 

Enjoy the charts and the new toolkit, please don’t forget to send feedback.


PS. – Congrats to David Anson for the release; he has been the biggest advocate for the charts making it into WPF. I am sure he put some ‘over-time’ given how much they are doing with the Silverlight control toolkit too.  Thanks David!

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