high level deck on Sharing code between WPF and Silverlight

This week, I had the pleasure of presenting at the “Phoenix AZGroups Scott Guthrie event”  (with Scott and Glenn).

The deck that I presented is here. It includes a small section on some of the most relevant differences between WPF and Silverlight (3); any one wanting to know the differences, should check it out.  If you have a difference you would like me to add, please email me or add a comment here.

I have to thank all the people that attended the event and our hosts Scott Cate and Joseph Guadagno. I flew down thinking it was a ‘smaller event’ (maybe 300 people) and was incredibly surprised with what they put together; it felt like a one-day conference, with ~800 people registered, great food and location, and huge give aways ( netbooks, Flip HD cams, books, etc.. ). Very, very impressed, congrats to the usergroup on such a great event.  

PS --  I will come back to the sharing code between WPF and Silverlight topic; in preparation for the talk, I spoke to 8 companies (agencies, ISVs, enterprises, etc.) doing code sharing already; overall, they were positive.  it is not seamless, but it can definitely be done.  If you want to see the client continuum in action, check Telerik’s SalesDashboard; built with high % of shared code between WPF and Silverlight; it uses prism too].  they give out the source for it too. Nice!

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