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Our second stop in the “WPF for Line Of Business Tour”  was London, last week.  londonxamlized

We had a full-house with people from Germany, Italy, France,  Poland, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, and probably other countries. 

The content evolved (a small %) from the LA training:
Updated decks;  Updated demos
London attendees, THANKS for joining us!!  It was a pleasure!
New York,  Chicago, & Phoenix get ready!  

PS.- While in London, we also got to xamlize with WPF disciples Marlon Grech and Sacha Barber.  I had not met them in person before, but I can now confirm: their passion and knowledge on WPF and .NET is as good as you read on their blogs.  Cheers!

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  1. jordanhammond says:

    Thanks for a good session, shame I had to leave at lunch on the 2nd day.  The MVVM stuff was getting good.

    Like the look of the Southbridge application, however the Grid is extremely slow – especially when sorting (3 seconds), even with a small amount of data.  

    Is that the expected trade-off for having rich content (calendars / images / details view) displayed?  Or could performance be improved by writing better custom sort code?

  2. Hi Jordan,

    The grid in Southridge (actually all the code in SR) is totally anti-optimized; if I recall I have virtualization off, way too many controls, etc..  It is not meant to be a perf sample. Southridge needs to be refactored even further too. I should do that soon.

    I hope you left early to catch a plane or go do domestic duties.

    If that is not the case, then I hope you already heard that your name was pulled first when we raffled the 24" HP Touchsmart giveaway.  

    It is a shame you had to be present to win (Karl’s rules, not mine, I fought for you ).

  3. jordanhammond says:

    I thought as much about the Grid.  I’m about to start a role doing WPF/Silverlight in Financials, so found the 2 days extremely useful.

    I had to catch an 18:30 to Denmark from Stansted – so unfortunately had to leave early.

    I hope you’re joking about the raffle…

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