Announcing WPF TestAPI 0.2 release

Last week, the WPF test team released a new version of their Test API: 0.2.  You can download the new release from their codeplex site.

The Test API is a library with utilities for testing WPF and Windows Forms applications. 

In their 0.2 release, the library includes APIs to simulate input and do visual verification; it also includes handy utilities that can be used for tasks beyond testing, like a command line parsing ,  and APIs to drive the WPF dispatcher.
The library is not VSTS specific; in their 0.2 releases they added nUnit and xUnit samples.

The best way to learn about the lib this is to download it, play with it and read their docs;  that said, if you want to learn more before you download, Ivo the WPF test manager has some good blog posts on their 0.1 release. 

For feedback,  you can go to the codeplex forums.  They need help prioritizing the features in the next version. Among the most interesting ones, I see controls verification, state management APIs, property comparisons, performance, and leak detection.  I am voting for the last two!!  How bout u?

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